16. nov. 2012

0 My Red Hot Date

Bare sånn i tilfelle mannen lurer på hva det er jeg driver med på ferie, mens han leker alenepappa.

Ja det stemmer. I kveld er det meg og denne røde som har en date. Wowtza for en forrykende fredagskveld det blir.

Og ellers har jeg brukt dagen sammen med denne tyske godsaken:

Just in case my husband is wondering what I did all day on vacation while he plays single dad...

Yep, that's right. It's me and this hot piece of red yarn for the night. Wowtza, what a marvellous Friday evening this will be!

And the previous hours of this day I spent with this black and white german.   

Ha en fin fredagskveld!                    

3 Duty Free -Literally

Yesterday's Duty Free shopping. 
Who said happiness can't be bought? Cause I swear it, -it can. And it works.
For a bout five minutes.

So really what I wanted to say is: I woke up this morning at 8 AM, then closed my eyes again and it was 10:30AM. Then I got up, rearranged my face with the help of yesterday's beauty-buys, had breakfast, and now I'm just about to have my first coffee of the day. 
S.L.O.W day in other words. 

I never go on vacations without the kids, so I wouldn't really know about this - but I guess that's what happens to most people when they are on vacation? 
Everything slows down when you're duty-free. 

Have a good one. 
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