24. nov. 2012

0 Down for the Count

Hello World. 
I'm pissed.

This weekend was going to be great. I am reunited with my little ones and we were going to have a blast.
I was so glad to finally be back with my lovelies, and having all that saved up energy from my vacation, - I was just going to KILL this super-mommy thing. Just NAIL it and be 

I had envisioned christmas decoration -making, a walk to the market, buying some christmas gifts and letting the girls wrap them up horribly. I was looking forward to family breakfasts, lunches and to whip up a real weekend dinner for the four of us.

Well, that didn't turn out. 

0 DIY Studded Blouse

Pimping your clothes with studs is so much fun! 

  I just tried it out with this black blouse and triangle-studs from divided by H&M.

Oh yeah.. Mama-blouse with studs. Badass preggo-mom. 

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