15. des. 2012

0 The day that SUCKED

Ever had that feeling when you just know tomorrow will suck massively?
I do sometimes. Last night I had that unmistakeable feeling, and that's why I pre-wrote and scheduled two blogposts for today. That way, I wouldn't have to worry about writing and just have a royal, shitty day today. "Well prepaired! Good job." I said to myself before going to bed at 2:30AM.

Well, there is no such thing as well prepaired when you have two sick toddlers and a huge baby bump to deal with. 
(Really huge bump btw. New pic coming up on Monday, you will all be shocked.)

So here is a quick recap of 
The Day that Sucked
(aka Shitty Day):

Early Morning: 
Little sister woke me up at 05:00AM. Well, technically, she didn't wake me up. The stench of her did. 
Yep. Massive poopy diaper-action before the friggin sparrows on the roof even think about taking a dump. 
Conversation going on in my head at this point:
"What did I tell you? -Today will, indeed, be a Shitty day."

Bedside Mommytrap: Damn near killed myself stumbling over this.
Slightly less early in the morning:
After an hour of trying to decode Little sister's babbling and pointing in the kitchen, making her thirtyfour different breakfasts, (of which she ate none. Nada) -followed by desperately trying to convince her stubborn bum to go back to sleep, -I gave up and asked hubby to take over.

Closer to the time I would normally get up. -if I didn't have kids:
I have been lying in bed with a horrible cramp (indigestion? Braxton Hicks? Anxiety?
-probably all three) in my stomach for a couple of hours and finally give in to the thought that I have no chance of falling asleep again this morning. I surrender, get out of bed, and enter the kitchen with that look on my face that makes my husband go:
"Oh holy shit. That kind of day."

And it doesn't even get better after I have my coffee.
Dear God help us all.

This would be when little sister should have her nap, but no, not today! -Because why people?
Great job guys!

So the nap is postponed because of serious issues like "First we need to go buy gummy bears and: "oh, no I just pooped my pants again."

Way too late for a nap -O'clock:
Little sister finally falls asleep way too late in the day -and sleeps for a friggin THREE whole hours. You parents out there know what that means:
 -there goes my evening.

During Little sister's nap:
Big sister manages to spill three different types of beverages on the floor, herself and my computer. She also paints her face, my hair, refuses to eat more than three bites of food the whole day, and can -all of a sudden- not (for GOD KNOWS what reason) go to the bathroom without assistance. She is consistantly whiney throughout the day, and I grit my teeth so violently that I'm suprised they're still intact.. 

By this time, I don't even know what time it is anymore. I don't care. I am too stressed out. The kids are screaming at me, but I can't hear them anymore.
So I do what I always do when in crisis: -I start baking... Not the smartest idea when my kitchen looks like a war zone. Dropped stuff on my feet more than once, and threw stuff in the trash that was supposed to go in the cookie dough and so on. 
-I bet you all really want to come over and eat cookies at my place now... right?

"Can it just be over please?"  -is what's on repeat in my head. 
A couple of nervous breakdowns (me), a couple more runny diapers (Little sister), plus an accident my bed (I'll spare you the details) later, Mr.Husband finally manages to get the kids to fall alseep.  (I will thank you later. -no, not in that way)

But alas! -Scilence. No more whining and sobbing. No more pulling on my arm.
I hear angels sing. 
And, I also, I kind of want to lie down and cry. 

But what on earth happens?
What do I, the burned out, seven month pregnant -havingashittyday- mom of two sick toddlers do?

I put on rubber gloves and...
I clean. I scrub. Hard core.
The kitchen, the floors, the bathtub, the toilet, BEHIND THE FRIDGE, -the floors AGAIN.
I scrub the SHIT out of my home.

And I have to say, I feel slightly better now.
Not sure about tomorrow though. Let's see.

So. How was your day?

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