28. nov. 2012

4 Things I can no longer do

The third trimester of this pregnancy is closing in on me, and I am starting to feel the effects of growing a human for the past 25 weeks on my body. Today I confess to you: 

Things I can no longer do:

  • Sleep through the night. Three to five toilet trips have become a nightly ritual that also, if I might add: includes almost falling over stuffed animals and stepping on lego-bricks that my daughters so lovingly distribute evenly through the livingroom every evening, so I will find my way to the loo. 
  • Eat huge portions of food. (Really miss that)
  • Navigate the growing belly around the house without bumping into random objects such as bookshelves, open kitchen cabinet doors and my kid’s heads
  • Stand the sound of crying babies without buckling and making an involuntary sympathetic face.  I cringe at the slightest sound of discomfort from babies I have never even met before. Well, okay most people don’t exactly enjoy the sound of crying babies, but thanks to massive amounts of pregnant hormones, this has become like an ultimate form of torture for me.
  • Cook or eat anything without spilling substantial amounts of it on the belly.
  • Drink something really cold. This provokes an instant live acrobatic circus show in utero, which combined with a full bladder –may lead to disaster.
  • Bending down to put my socks on without moaning and swearing like an old overweight sailor/grandma. 
And on top of this lovely list of things I no longer can do, -I have also managed to contract nasty virus that seems to have eveporated my emergency energy stocks.
So even if I am no longer sick, I just can't seem to do anything but sleep. And certainly not glow. How do other pregnant ladies manage that anyway? No, I am in no way a glowing pregnant woman. I wanted to show you some cute preggo outfits today, but the camera was just not loving the sight of me today.
This was the best I could do:
Hint: it's heavily (horrendously) edited. 

It's not all bad though. I mean, in the end, it is me who gets to take all the credit for growing and birthing this new human. I just sometimes wish I could trade with my husband for just ONE day, so I could do all the things that I miss. Like jumping jacks, and rock climbing, and have some red wine and gin. 
...okay, I never did climb any rocks, or do jumping jacks.

Pregnant cant sleep. Pregnant pains. Pregnant glow

4 kommentarer:

  1. What? I have a vague memory of us doing jumping jacks and crazy rock climbing after we had both red wine and gin!

    1. you might be right about that. But the amount of gin involved seems to have caused my memory to fail. So I have no idea. We might have, we might not have. As far as I know, we could have done synchrone diving and horseback riding. Gin!

    2. Aaand, this whole thing sounds so bad because I'm preggers. haha! I promise I am keeping a gin-free pregnancy.

  2. We actually did synchronized diving and swimming. Don't know about the horseback riding though...
    It's good that you've managed to keep yourself from the gin because I'm most def drinking your half as well this winter.


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